Recommend Visa and Master cards through your company - and earn money!

Start your own fintech business that generates the fastest possible profits, in the fastest-growing industry, exclusively through a multi-level referral system. There is no hierarchy or obligation of meetings or reports. Everyone has the same conditions and opportunities. 

Conditions for entering the Callidus franchise: 

  • You are the owner of an existing company (any form of the company)
  • Or, you start a new company for this business (any form of the company)
  • You have a Callidus package and you passed the KYC if you live in the EU. Franchise owners outside the EU cannot own Callidus packages

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Why Callidus Franchise?

I can quickly and cheaply enter the fintech industry, work throughout the EU and beyond
I am no one's employee, nor do I have employees, I work when I want and from where I want
I can earn through referrals in 4 levels, and for life!
I can enter the cashback system for free and boost the business of my existing company

What do I get by buying a Callidus franchise?

Everything I need to start a fintech business (education, marketing videos and other materials, mobile app, use of Callidus financial software and website, constant support, etc.) - in my native language
A unique opportunity to run my own fintech business with global brands such as: Visa, Mastercard and European brands: Intergiro and the German Franchise Association
Quick return on investment and high, lifelong earnings for me, and later my heirs, with all the freedom to choose working hours and places of living and working
Time-saving and easy system for recommending Callidus packages and franchise licenses, by word of mouth and via mobile application using Callidus videos, website and other marketing materials

What can I recommend as a Callidus Franchise Owner?

Callidus Private Package
A private package that includes a Visa debit card (1 physical card and 1 virtual card) and a bank account registered in Sweden
Franchise License
As a Callidus franchise owner, I can recommend Callidus packages and franchise licenses to interested parties in the EU and outside the EU.

Franchise - recommendations, your way to success

1. Become a franchise owner

  • After registering as a Callidus franchise owner, you receive your unique Callidus code, which your referrals should use to register, open their accounts, order cards, and become new franchise owners.
  • With each new referral and registration through your code, for Callidus packages and new franchise owners, in 4 levels, you receive a permanent commission every time your referrals, direct or indirect, pay an annual subscription.
  • Sounds great, but there is more...

2. Start with recommendations to acquaintances

  • Start quickly and easily recommending Callidus packages and franchise licenses to friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances through the Callidus application (by sharing the recommendation with your phone contacts), by sending promotional videos (in your native language), by sharing promo business cards, and by using other marketing materials we provide, as well as orally.
  • In the personal, direct (horizontal) recommendation level there is no limit to the number of Callidus product recommendations. Vertically (indirectly), in-depth, all referrals of Callidus package buyers as well as new franchise owners, develop up to 4 levels. This ensures a very fast development and high income for all franchise owners.
  • As the first measurable success of your activities is considered a successful direct recommendation of at least 12 new franchise owners who want to work and continue to recommend Callidus products, as well as a successful direct recommendation of at least 50 Callidus packages. With this number of referrals and our 4-level multiplier system, there is no end to your earnings.

3. Recommending as a pro

  • After the first measurable success, start professionally recommending Callidus products via social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), and website, as well as through presentations at various conferences, seminars, and other business and social events.
  • The professional recommendation includes the targeted selection of potential new customers of Callidus products such as restaurants, hotels, hair and beauty salons, and all types of companies that can further recommend Callidus products.
  • Also, one of the ways of recommending can be home presentations, presentations in hotels, restaurants, etc. There is no limit to how to get new recommendations, here your ingenuity comes to the fore.
  • You can find more about the commission calculation system, compensation for referrals, and other important information for Callidus franchise owners at this location

You have support

Your success is our mutual goal

We are confident that we have prepared everything necessary for you to be successful in your franchise business, right from the start

We promise to continuously improve our system in order to constantly provide you with the best opportunities for the development of your franchise

From the first day of your registration, we are at your disposal for everything you need and we look forward to improving your franchise business together. For additional support, you can reach out to us.

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